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 Beginners Course Video Lessons

8x Beginner Course | Level 1 Lessons

-  Acoustic Guitar Anatomy

-  Electric Guitar Anatomy + Hardware

-  How to String a Guitar

-  How to tune a Guitar

-  4/4 Time Signatures & Time Values

-  2 Basic Strumming | Rhythm Patterns

-  Major Open Chords

-  Minor Open Chords

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Lesson Notes for every Lesson

Each Lesson is accompanied by a set of Lesson Notes that include comprehensive diagrams based on a particular lesson, in downloadable PDF format. This means that you are able to refer back to the video lesson diagrams at anytime that you need to. 

These lesson notes and diagrams are designed to assist you further on a visual perspective, referring to each step explained in a particular lesson.

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Notation Worksheets 

Some Lesson Videos will be accompanied by a Notation Worksheet/s, depending on whether the lesson contains exercises that require a visual on the Tabs and notation of that exercise, for a visual perspective on a Music theory level.

Notation Worksheets are supplied for exercises provided, within a particular lesson - OR, with Homework exercises that may accompany certain lessons.

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Practical Exercises

Homework Exercises are provided to improve on Dexterity, Speed and Overall playing ability. Depending on the Lesson and Content covered, i.e. Major Chords - you will have access to three exercises associated with that particular lesson. These exercises are graded by levels. The first is basic and entry level to the content learned; the second speeds up slightly to improve dexterity and speed, while the third will be at the level of a strong guitar player, which ultimately you would want to get to. 

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Learn how to Play a Song

Two different songs from two different genres are provided with this kit. You can choose to learn to play a song from either the Rock or Country genre or both. These two genres are provided, to help identify the difference in styles between two different genres of music and how you can learn to play a song through identifying chords, patterns and techniques used.

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Songs - Sheet Music

Sheet Music accompanies the Songs provided in this kit, to further assist with a theoretical perspective of the music you are playing.

You will learn the very basics of music theory from the lessons listed, and this helps immensely when reading sheet music that accompanies all songs when learning to play them.

You will also gain access to; Learning Material | Practical Exercises | TuxGuitar files and more....
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